order of show and synopsis

The show runs about 2 hours with a 15 minutes intermission and is suitable for children and adults ages 6 and up.


(Order of Show)

The Taming of the Shrew (in Three Minutes or Less)

ll Soggiorno della Regina (The Queen’s Sojourn),

It is Spring, 1590. In a small, countryside theatre near London, England, a group of professional child actors dubbed The Company of Particoat Wags entertains Queen Elizabeth I.

Procession: Tourdion. A popular tune of the French Renaissance.

Pastime with Good Company, King Henry VIII

O Comely Queen. The lyrics are from the Scottish hymn, “Oh Mother, Dear Jerusalem, and the tune is “The Bellman’s Song” from Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Now is the Month of Maying. Thomas Morely, an English ‘ballet.’

Hey, Ho, Nobody Home. An English children’s song.

Branle de la Guerre. A 16th century French dance.

Roman’s Soldier’s Song

Who Liveth So Merry. A popular English song depicting rustic town life.

Quack, Quack! An old Italian folktale.

 Recession: Rise Up O Flame, Elizabeth joins the audience and the Taming players take their places.

 The Taming of the Shrew, William Shakespeare


Scene 1: Lucentio arrives in the city and overhears a family feud. As Gremio and Hortensio both vie for Bianca’s hand, Baptista refuses to let his younger daughter marry until Katherina, his shrewish daughter, has a husband. Lucentio instantly falls in love with Bianca. He exchanges clothes with his servant Tranio in order to serve as “Cambio,” a tutor to Bianca, thus getting close to her in hopes that she may fall in love with him. Tranio poses as Lucentio.

Scene 2: Petruchio arrives in Padua to find a rich wife, and happily agrees to marry Katherina. Tranio (disguised as Lucentio) ups the ante for Gremio and Hortensio by inserting himself into the Bianca-suitor mix.

Scene 3: Katherina meets her match in Petruchio, who is determined to court her. Hortensio (now disguised as Litcio) and Lucentio/Cambio are presented as tutors for Bianca, and Baptista hears proposals of dowries from Bianca’s suitors: Gremio’s offer is generous, but is out bid by Tranio’s inventiveness.

Scene 4: Lucentio/Cambio and Hortensio compete for Bianca’s attention in their lessons.

Scene 5: The wedding day. Petruchio arrives late, strangely clad, rushes Kate to church and then off to his home without attending the wedding celebration.

INTERMISSION, 15 minutes.


Scene 1: Grumio describes the horrendous journey home and tells the servants they must behave for their new mistress. Petruchio arrives with an exhausted Kate. Petruchio describes how he will tame his shrew.

Scene 2: Hortensio, seeing Bianca’s response to Lucentio’s courtship, vows to marry a rich widow of his acquaintance. A traveling Merchant is recruited by Tranio and Biondello to pose as Lucentio’s mother, Vincentia, in order to obtain Baptista’s blessing on marriage.

Scene 3: Petruchio continues his ‘taming’ of Kate.

Scene 4: The Merchant (posing as Vincentia) comes to terms with Baptista for Bianca’s marriage. The real Lucentio, now with Baptista’s permission (well, kind of), plans to elope with Bianca.

Scene 5: Lucentio and Bianca elope with Biondello’s help. Kate and Petruchio head back to Padua, meeting the real Vincentia along the way. When they arrive in Padua, consequences ensue for Vincentia’s servants. Kate and Petruchio come to a realization.

Scene 6: The wedding celebration. Bets are made and love is tested.